COVID-19 Update:

We have expanded our cleaning services for all watercrafts leaving our premises to include a safe, effective disinfectant application prior to customer contact. We have installed hygiene shields in our office, and our employee team is committed to staying safe and healthy by following CDC guidelines of social distancing, handwashing and hand-sanitizing. We appreciate your business!

Delivery Charges to Surrounding Lakes

Allequash Lake (Boulder JCT): $140.00
Arrowhead Lake (Old 51 S): $49.00
Beaver Lake (Timber Wolf RD-Presque Isle): $210.00
Big Arborvitae (Hwy 70 E Landing): $77.00
Big Arborvitae (North Buckhorn): $77.00
Big Bearskin Lake: $55.00
Big Crooked Lake (Camp Nawakwa): $154.00
Big Crooked Lake (Dairymen’s Resort): $207.00
Big Muskellunge (CTY RD N): $112.00
Big Saint Germain Lake (North Shore): $145.00
Big Lake (Manitowish): $203.00
Big Portage Lake (Land O Lakes): $335.00
Birch Lake (Oneida Co): $70.00
Birch Lake (Presque Isle): $273.00
Blue Lake (renter must provide access): $50.00
Boat Sport (Eagle River): $248.00
Boom Lake (Rhinelander (Hodag Park): $195.00
Boot Lake (Eagle River): $217.00
Booth Lake (8862 Forest Lane): $135.00
Boulder Lake (Hwy N): $161.00
Broken Bow Lake (Broken Bow Campground) $147.00
Brandy Lake (Off Hwy 51 North): $45.00
Buckskin Lake (8911 Bodilac RD): $147.00
Buffalo Lake (Campground Landing): $45.00
Butternut Lake (Price Co.): $370.00
Camp Nawakwa (Big Crooked Lake): $154.00
Camp Wipigaki: $147.00
Cat Fish Lake (Eagle River)-(Boat Sport):$248.00
Cat Fish Lake (Eagle River-70E to Catfish Lake RD: $225.00
Carpenter Lake (Eagle River): $270.00
Circle Lilly Lake (Boulder Junction): $210.00
Clear Lake Campground (Woodruff): $60.00
Clear Lake (Picnic area-Hwy J): $60.00
Clear Lake (Clear Lake RD-Manitowish Waters): $231.00
Dairymen’s Country Club: $207.00
Dam Lake (Sugarcamp Hwy D): $161.00
Deer Lake (Three Lakes): $308.00
Diamond Lake (Hwy 51 N): $119.00
Diamond Lake (Minocqua-Bo di Lac): $250.00
Dillman’s Lodge: $133.00
Donners Bay Resort (Turtle Flowage): $371.00
Driftwood Lodge: $60.00
Eagle Water Resort (Eagle River): $245.00
E. Horsehead Lake (Newbold): $100.00
Elk Lake (Hwy H Phillips): $280.00
Fence Lake (Thoroughfare Road): $120.00
Fish Trap Lake (Boulder JCT): $189.00
Flambeau Lake (Hwy 47): $135.00
Franklin Lake (Hwy 70 W): $89.00
George Lake (E. Lake George Road. Rhinelander): $287.00
Gilmore Lake (CTY Hwy E): $112.00
Greshham Lake (Popes): $130.00
Gunlock Lake (CTY F-Sunrise Camp Road): $96.00
Harris Lake (Winchester): $294.00
Hewitt Lake (Mercer): $329.00
Hilltop (Lower Kaub): $25.00
High Lake (Land O Lakes): $213.00
Horse Head Lake (Presque Isle): $245.00
Ike Walton-LDF (Private Launch): $155.00
Indian Mounds: $65.00
Indian Shores: $55.00
Island Lake (Manitowish): $161.00
Irving/Ballard (Plum Lake): $196.00
Johnson Lake (Hwy 47): $45.00
Lake Alice (Lincoln Co): $215.00
Lake of the falls (Mercer): $295.00
Lake Hodstradt: $84.00
Lake Katherine: (Free Delivery)
Lake Mohawksin: (Ski Show Landing): $205.00
Lake Nokomis (Hwy N): $165.00
Lake Nokomis (Dam): $175.00
Madeline Lake: $45.00
Lake Thompson/Holiday Acres: $245.00
Lake Tomahawk: $75.00
Lakeside Landing (Condo Owners Only): Free Delivery
LDF Campground: $135.00
Lighthouse Resort: $84.00
Little Arbor Vitae: $84.00
Little Bearskin: $65.00
Little Crawling Stone: $115.00
Little John Lake: $105.00
Little Muskie: $52.00
Little Spider (Arbor Vitae): $76.00
Little St. Germain (Tobin Lang Rd): $150.00
Lost Lake (Gabe’s): $176.00
Lynn Ann’s Campground: $119.00
Lynx Lake (Presque Isle): $224.00
McCormack Marina: $205.00
McCormick Lake (Hwy Y): $60.00
Mann Lake (Boulder JCT): $98.00
Mercer Lake (Mercer, WI): $259.00
Mercer Lake Resort: $60.00
Muskie Lake (Harshaw): $70.00
Middle Sugar Bush: $180.00
Moose Jaw: (No Landing)
North Turtle Lake (Winchester): $259.00
North Twin Lakes (Phelps): $308.00
North Two Lake: $77.00
Oneida Lake: $119.00
Oxbow Lake: $273.00
Pickerel Lake (Hwy J): $98.00
Pike Lake (Thoroughfare Rd): $205.00
Pine Hill Resort: $25.00
Popes Gresham Lodge: $130.00
Plum Lake: $140.00
Presque Isle Lake: $290.00
Rainbow Flowage (Dam Launch): $120.00
Razorback Lake (Sayner): $161.00
Rest Lake: $196.00
Round Lake (Thoroughfare): $205.00
Rustic Retreat Condo’s (Shishebogama Lk): $85.00
Shishebogama Lake (No Public Landing) Use Gunlock
Skunk Lake: $70.00
South Turtle Lake: $238.00
Squash Lake: $185.00
Squaw Lake: $175.00
Squares Pine Grove Resort: $108.00
Squirrel Lake (Kobart Landing Only): $105.00
Stacks Bay (Minocqua Lake) 8600 Brunswick: $45.00
Star Lake: $185.00
Sugar Bush Chain: $180.00
Sunday Lake: $91.00
Swampsugar: 115.00
Tippecanoe Lake: $135.00
Tom Doyle: $126.00
Towanda Lake (South Launch Only): $112.00
Trout Lake (South Landing): $105.00
Two Sisters Lake: $121.00
Turtle Flambeau Flowage (Murry’s Landing): $275.00
Upper Gresham (Boulder JCT): $150.00
White Birch Lake: (Ballard Landing): $191.00
White Fish Lake (Squares Pine Grove Resort): $108.00
White Sand Lake (LDF): $112.00
White Sand (Boulder JCT): $175.00
Willow Flowage (Dam Launch): $106.00
Willow Lake (Tripoli): $154.00
Yellow Birch Lake (Eagle River): $210.00

PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries to the following boat landings on the Minocqua Chain of Lakes are free, which include the Thirsty Whale Boat Landing, the School House Bay Boat Landing, and the Thoroughfare Boat Landing. Also, we will deliver to other lakes not seen on this list. Please contact us for pricing.