Service and Storage Pick-up and Delivery Charges:

If the pick- up/delivery is within ten (10) miles from our facilities, a charge of $50.00 will apply. Pick-up/deliveries outside of ten (10) miles have a charge of $100.00.

Hull/Toon Cleaning

Applies to both aluminum and fiberglass boats.

Hull/Toon Cleaning Rate: $225.00 per cleaning
Tri Toon Cleaning Rate: $275.00 per cleaning
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Shrink Wrapping

We offer a state-of-the-art shrink wrapping service that avoids typical weak spots found in other shrink wrapping which can cause the structure to cave in. This allows the customer to be sure that the winter elements of the North Woods will stay out of the boat’s interior. Applies to any size boat.

Shrink Wrapping Rate: $19.00/ft + tax

Pontoon Re-Decking

Includes all materials.

Pontoon Re-Decking Rate: $125.00/ft + tax
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Watercraft Detailing

These costs includes full interior/exterior detail for your boat or personal watercraft. This includes wash, buff wax, interior pressure wash, vacuum, full interior and exterior detailing.  (Does NOT include engine block or manifolds)

Silver: $16/FT

  • Includes Swim Decks
  • Interior/Exterior wipe down
  • Vinyl seat hand scrub
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Compartment cleaning
Gold: $18/FT

  • Includes Swim Decks
  • Interior/Exterior wipe down
  • Gel coat protective sealant
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Carpet encapsulation cleaning and deodorization
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Vinyl seat hand scrub
  • Compartment detailed cleaning
Platinum: $20/FT

  • Includes Swim Decks
  • Interior/Exterior wipe down
  • Gel coat protective sealant
  • Color restoring/ oxidization removal wax
  • Thorough vacuuming
  • Carpet encapsulation cleaning and deodorization
  • Carpet stain removal (Rust, Reds, Gum, Sap)
  • Compartment detailed cleaning
  • Vinyl seat hand scrub
  • Vinyl seat moisturizer
  • Chrome polish
  • Teak oil application to swim decks & trim
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Rate: Contact Us For a Quote

Skeg Repair

Skeg Repair Rate: $345.00 + tax

Boat Carpeting

Includes all materials.

Boat Carpeting Rate: $100.00/ft + tax


These costs are included with Indoor Heated Storage.
These costs are NOT included with our Shrink Wrap Service.

Winterization Rate: $125.00
Summerization Rate: $125.00

Shore Station Covers

Installation/Removal Rate: $100.00

Prop Rebuilding

Aluminium Prop Rate: $95.00
Brass Prop Rate: $165.00

Warranty Work

Lakeside currently cannot accept warranty work because we are not a marine dealer. We will however warranty the parts and service we perform under any repair performed by Lakeside Marina.

Warranty Terms: Lakeside provides a 30 Day Warranty on parts and service provided by Lakeside Marina, unless the problem is not pertinent to the previous repair performed by Lakeside Marina. If the customer believes that their boat or PWC is still covered under factory warranty, the boat or PWC should first be taken to the nearest authorized dealer for warranty work.

Lakeside is a certified full service marina. We have Marine Mechanics Institute Certified mechanics on our staff to ensure that you receive the best possible service.

Other Services

Service Calls:
Our standard labor rate applies to service calls (see below) plus an additional $180.00 for dispatching our technician to your location.

Acid Clean

$225.00 regular pontoons, aluminum boats, & fiberglass boats
$275.00 Tri Toon Pontoons

Oil/Filter Change

One hour of labor plus Oil per Qt ($6.95) and Oil Filter ($12.95)

Water Test


Standard Labor Charge

$100.00 per hour

Rushed Labor Charge

$175.00 per hour

Additional Services

Offered for Extra Charges (standard labor rate of $100/hr):
100 Hour Routine Service
Oil/filter Change
Hull/Toon Clean
Spark Plugs
Routine Maintenance
Major Marine Repairs

We also service many other brands!